Great Barrier Reef

The Great Barrier Reef is in grave danger. The twin perils brought by climate change, an increase in the temperature of the ocean and its acidity threaten its very existence. If they continue to rise at the present rate, the reefs will be gone within decades and that would be a global catastrophe.

About ¼ of the species of fish in the world spend some part of their lives in the reefs. If the reefs go, the fish will also disappear. And that could affect the livelihood and diet of human communities world wide.

But there surely is another reason we should protect the reefs. They are among this planet’s richest, more complex and more beautiful ecosystems. Do we really care so little about the earth on which we live that we don’t wish to protect one of its greatest wonders from the consequences of our behaviour.

~ Sir David Attenborough (1926-05-08 age:91) Great Barrier Reef 3/3 click to watch