The Competition

One of the great puzzles is, if Jesus were the most important person in the world, pulling off spectacular miracles, why did none of the 121 historians of his day ever mention him or events associated with him, like the 3-hour darkening of the sun (ok, maybe it just ducked behind a cloud), or the zombie saints, or the triumphal donkey ride? It gets stranger. There were about a dozen would-be messiahs wandering around at the time of Jesus. All of these losers made it into the history books, even though they were not a patch on Jesus. Why? The more you study, the more obvious it is that Jesus started as yet another of the dozens of mythological resurrection gods, and only later, in 161 AD at the Council of Alexandria, did his believers decide he would sell better as a historical figure.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)