Terminal Medical Bills

If people want futile medical procedures for themselves or for their children, medical insurance (i.e. the general public) should not foot the bill. If the treatment is expensive and will give only an extra month or two of life, ditto.

On the other hand, once medical science says they have tried their best shot and I have only a limited time to live, I should have the option of a quick death rather than a protracted painful one. From practical experience, I have zero faith in medicine to control pain. For me, the effects of even the most potent painkillers are barely noticeable. Others obviously have had a different experience, but their reaction should not be used to justify making me suffer.

Even children should be given the option of a quick death. They should be able to override the parental wishes. It is outrageous that parents, out of clinging and wishful thinking, impose suffering that would put them in jail if they inflicted it on the family dog.

Withdrawing medical care and letting the patient die slowly creates suffering just to help cover medical ass. It does not benefit the patient. Slow painful death should be an option for masochistic Christians who believe their deity loves watching them suffer, but not the only one.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)