Killing by Accident

If somebody drives drunk and hits a pedestrian, it is really an accident? If a carload of drunks drive along the street firing randomly at pedestrians (as happened to me three times in Portland) and kill one, was it is accident even if they were not aiming at particular pedestrians? Terrorists, when they set off a bomb in a market, don’t take moral responsibility. They tell themselves the people who were killed should have paid attention to the warning leaflets and stayed away from the market. Every week on so the Americans admit to accidentally killing a couple of dozen civilians or Pakistani troops. Well over a million civilians have been killed accidentally When Americans level a city with bombs like Baghdad or Fallujah, they know the buildings are cram full of civilians, half of them below age 15. They knew they are killing kids, but they still refuse to take moral responsibility. They claim it is an accident because their minds they were not targeting specific children, so the ones killed were accidents If you don’t take solid precautions to a avoid deaths as a side effect of your actions, you have no right to call those deaths accidents.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)