Trump’s Victims

Trump likes to brag how he screwed the investors and banks he borrowed money from by draining his corporations dry of assets, then declaring bankruptcy. This has Robin Hood appeal to Trump supporters, but he remains silent about the way he nearly always stiffs the small contractors he hires, forcing them to sue him, then settle for ten cents on the dollar. Trump gets the most pleasure from squashing the powerless. He has no empathy.

Until a judge stopped him, Trump refused to provide medical coverage for his severely-ill disinherited infant nephew. He explained What else could I do. I wanted the money.

It is so bizarre that his supporters see him as champion of the little guy, even when he told them his planned massive tax cuts were for the most wealthy only. The little guy will be stuck with increased taxes to pay for his massive military and infrastructure spending.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)