Monsanto = Most Evil

Monsanto is the most evil corporation on earth. It denied polluting even when fish died in three minutes in the water it contaminated. It claimed Roundup, its herbicide that kills all plants except those genetically modified by Monsanto as good for the environment.

They bribed and bullied the various US government agencies into treating genetically modified crops as equivalent to crops developed through traditional selective breeding, therefore not needing any testing of any kind. This is crazy. Even a new food colouring used in minuscule quantities requires extensive testing. Monsanto doses you with GMO (Genetically Modified Organism) s by the kilogram without any testing at all. GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms) introduce fish, spider and scorpion genes into plants and from there into all other plant species.

They inject genes into plants that cause them to make poisons inside the produce you cannot wash off, that don’t degrade by harvest, intended to kill insects. Surely if an insecticide must be tested, one made genetically you can’t get rid of should too.

You can’t recall a gene let loose into the environment. We should not be doing something irreversible without knowing the consequences. Then Monsanto bribed and bullied politicians into passing laws to help them force this crap down an unwilling public’s throat. They got caught trying to bride the officials at Health Canada. Then they got all the whistle-blowers fired.

Not only don’t Monsanto have to label their foods as GMO, nobody else is allowed to label their food as non- GMO ! Monsanto gets away with this by keeping the public from knowing which foods contain Monsanto crops. Much of the public detest them, but don’t know how to boycott them. We need Monsanto-free certified foods and guerilla labeling of Monsanto-contaminated foods.

~ Roedy (1948-02-04 age:70)