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Looking Back on the Living Love Workshop : 2001-07

strawberryThe Skinny


We had a fantastic workshop on Quadra Island, right on the water. A dozen of us came from Canada, the USA, England and South Africa.

strawberryWhy Was It So Good?

I have never been to a more enjoyable insightful workshop. Here are some of my thoughts on why it turned out so well.


For me the pinnacle of the workshop was the martyr process where Angela played the part of Dina’s inner martyr. Dina bawled herself out and Angela as inner martyr dutifully acted out all the dreadful epithets hurled at her. I laughed till I cried. I finally got the futility of beating yourself up.

Another highlight was when we did the centipede cosmic consciousness process where each of us took control of the group body and played with our many arms and legs.

Another highlight for me was when I asked the group to go into cosmic consciousness, then I asked Craig why he thought it was ok to beat himself up, but not any of the other people. He said, "Because he’s handy I guess."

There were so many times when I could see that aha moment when the lights went on inside and various participants suddenly realised that their suffering was not obligatory.

And of course, the hugs and the back scratches.

strawberryWhat Did People Say About It?

strawberryIn a Nutshell

  1. Your suffering is optional.
  2. Is getting upset about this helping or hindering me from getting what I want?
  3. We are literally all one life.

strawberryWhat’s Next

Andrew held the next one in Bath England in 2002 September. Ed Smith may hold one in BC, perhaps on Vancouver Island or the interior. Debbie Hamm held reunion in the summer of 2002 in Colorado.

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