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The Superhero Process

The Superhero process is my own creation. In the Road To Happiness Training, they did a clothing trading process at Cornucopia in Kentucky, but without the superhero aspect. I have found the superhero process powerful for convincing people to relax their expectations on themselves. It is a sixth pathway exercise: I accept myself completely here and now and consciously experience everything I feel, think, say and do, including my emotion-backed addictions as a necessary part of my growth into higher consciousness.

The group leader says a little spiel like this: Let’s say I had the power to make you into your ideal self, a superhero, who could do all the things you think you should be able to to and to look the way you think you should look. Be greedy. Write it all down.

Then you hand out towels to each of the participants. These are used as superhero capes. Each participant gets up announces their superhero name and tells about what they expect of themselves. People naturally ham it up and start laughing. If all works well, people begin to see the impossibility of living up to the thousands of unrealistic expectations they have on themselves.

Then the group leader asks, as superhero, do you still have any addictions? Even with your super powers are there things you can’t do that leave you frustrated. The point of this exercise is to point out the endless nature of addictive demands. You can never get enough of them satisfied to relax.

A variant for a group of people that know each other fairly well is put each name in a strawberry-shaped cookie jar. Each participant pulls out a name. They then borrow an item of clothing from the person who’s name they picked and put it on. There is no guarantee they will pick a person of the same sex. They then take on the persona of that person’s superhero and ham it up to the max, doing whatever they can to impersonate and spoof. Have a supply of zucchinis for spoofing the male desire for a spectacular penis and balloons for the analogous female desire. You can do this cocktail style or letting each person perform for the group. Females in the group are guaranteed to pee themselves laughing.

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