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The Exploration Insight Process

book cover recommend book⇒Gathering Power Through Insight and Loveto book home
by Ken Keyes Jr. with Penny Keyes 978-0-915972-13-5 paperback
birth 1921-01-19 1995-12-20 age:74 978-0-940687-37-0 audio
publisher Love Line
published 1993-01-01
Informally known as The Methods Book gets down to the brass tacks. All the various exercises you can use to help get rid of addictions. It contains some template pages you could use to create a Getting Free Book diary.
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Ken does his deepest discussion of The Exploration Insight Process in Gathering Power Through Insight and Love.

Sometimes you are extremely upset and may have hundreds of addictions triggering simultaneously. The EIP (Exploration Insight Process) is a way to sort it all out so you can work on each addiction individually. The clarity you gain also helps you feel not so overwhelmed, even if you can’t manage to reprogram anything.

You can do this orally, with a partner or on paper.

  1. Describe the incident in a Dragnet Sergeant Joe Friday manner, completely without any emotion or judgement, just the facts — no motives. Get it down to one sentence, e. g. A male stranger held a baseball bat over his left shoulder and shouted I am going to kill you. When you are done, a stranger reading your sentence usually would have trouble guessing exactly what emotion you were feeling and why, e. g. If you find yourself rambling, answer these questions as tersely as possible.
  2. Describe the physical sensations in the various parts of your body and the emotions you are feeling. Don’t describe why you feel this way, or what is happening to make you feel that way, just list the sensations and emotions (See the emotions list of emotions) e.g. a prickling sensation in the back of my neck. Stomach muscles tense. Fear.
  3. What Am I telling myself? Just write down everything running through your mind without censorship. Don’t be afraid to complain, whine, look ridiculous or exaggerate. There are no rules here; you can run on for pages and pages. Don’t try to be conscious. Just tell it like it is. To keep this flow going, ask yourself questions like:
  4. Spend maybe twenty minutes collecting these thoughts, though for a major addictive snarl you might dedicate a few hours.
  5. Now go through the material in the previous step and look for addictive demands, and formulate them in canonical form e.g. I create the experience of fear because my programming addictively demands that the stranger not hit me with the baseball bat.
  6. Then go through that material looking for your positive intentions and formulate them in canonical form, e.g. My intention is to feel safe.
  7. Now use any of the Living Love methods on the addictions that you found. For example you might choose to use Pathways 2 and 4 and Centres of Consciousness, on one addiction, the ICD (Instant Consciousness Doubler) on another and link the suffering on a third and schedule some EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing) work for a nasty traumatic fourth.

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