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The Conscious Confrontation Process

book cover recommend book⇒Gathering Power Through Insight and Loveto book home
by Ken Keyes Jr. with Penny Keyes 978-0-915972-13-5 paperback
birth 1921-01-19 1995-12-20 age:74 978-0-940687-37-0 audio
publisher Love Line
published 1993-01-01
Informally known as The Methods Book gets down to the brass tacks. All the various exercises you can use to help get rid of addictions. It contains some template pages you could use to create a Getting Free Book diary.
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Ken does his deepest discussion of the Conscious Confrontation Process in Gathering Power Through Insight and Love.

The conscious confrontation process is sometimes called a concon.

The basic idea behind the Conscious Confrontation Process is to offer somebody a more skillful way of getting what they really want (their beneficial positive intention), in a way that gives you less grief. You don’t ask him to forgo the pleasure of doing what has been upsetting you, just to get that same pleasure in a different way.

You can use the canonical form, or change the language to sound more natural.

  1. My programming makes me feel _________ (emotion)
    because I addictively demand _______ (what you want).
  2. I am concerned that what might happen is __________.
  3. I would like you to __________.
  4. My goal is ________. It seems to me that your goal is ________. Is that correct?
  5. Would you be willing to explore some alternatives to help us both achieve our goals? If yes, continue with the next step. If no, thank him listening to you.
  6. Here are three possibilities that may be more effective and harmonious. _____. _____. ____. Are any of these acceptable to you? Do you see any other possibilities?
  7. Listen to the response. Possibly discuss. Thank him for listening to you.

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