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The Living Love Catalyst

book cover recommend book⇒Handbook to Higher Consciousnessto book home
by Ken Keyes Jr. 978-0-9600688-8-3 paperback
birth 1921-01-19 1995-12-20 age:74 978-0-9600688-9-0 hardcover
publisher Love Line 978-0-940687-13-4 audio
published 1984-08-01
Ken’s classic. This is by far his best selling book. You can read part of it online.
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Ken discusses the catalyst in Handbook to Higher Consciousness.

You simply repeatedly sing (aloud or to yourself) a phrase such as:

to music like this:click to listen

You needa midi player installed. This is pretty standard with any modern sound card.

This method cools you down when you are too upset to use one of the more cognitive methods. It works when you are too freaked out to have the tiniest clue what you are addictively demanding.

Another technique is simply to say the phrase to your self, each time emphasizing a different word e.g.
All Ways Us Living Love.
All Ways Us Living Love.
All Ways Us Living Love.
All Ways Us Living Love
All Ways Us Living Love.
All Ways Us Living Love.

One of my most fond memories is singing the catalyst for about a hour, stark naked with a hundred plus people at the Living Love Center in Berkeley California in 1977-06. We got into some great harmonisations. I’ve personally always been a little uneasy with some of the verses.

You can use other forms of meditation too, e.g. the traditonal Buddhist meditation on the breath. You count one on the in breath, two on the out breath, three on the in breath, up to ten. Then you start over. Once you master that without going off into the ozone, you can try a less conceptual meditation. You breath in and out feeling the breath on the upper lip. You keep your attention there.

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