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Burning Addictions

Every year before he died, I used to go visit Ken for the week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Every New Year’s Eve we would all pick an addiction that had been giving us particular trouble that year and write it on a piece of paper in canonical form. Sometimes we would draw a picture representing the addiction as well and spend hours decorating it with coloured pens, crayons, collage etc. Ken had a big wood-burning pot-bellied stove. We would each go up and poke the piece of paper into the fire and publicly announce we were dropping that addiction. We had similar ceremonies around a camp fire at Gold and Silver Falls in Oregon in the summer where we would find objects in nature to represent the addiction. We carried on the tradition at the Quadra workshop, only this time letting you throw in as many as you wanted.

You can also do this by thinking of the fire of love in your heart. You just toss addictions to it to be incinerated.

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