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The Living Love Way to Happiness and Higher Consciousness is a Science of Happiness which was formulated to contribute toward the great awakening now taking place throughout the world. As a system it is new — but many of the components that make up the Living Love Way have been tried and tested for thousands of years. This vision of the Living Love Way to happiness was made possible only by standing upon the shoulders of countless individuals who, in different places and times, have had insights into the causes of human happiness and unhappiness.

The teachings of Buddha, Patanjali, Christ and humanistic psychology have been a constant inspiration. Others that have been most helpful are the teachings of Ram Dass, and the Buddhist teachings of Chogyam Trungpa. The teachings of Charles Berner, John Lilly, Alfred Korzybski, Krishnamurti, Pir Vilayat Kahn and Abraham Maslow have played an important part in the author’s growth. The Noble Truths of Buddha have been the fundamental inspiration for the Living Love Way to happiness.

The author is particularly appreciative of the part played in his growth by the Esalen Institute, Ed Elkin, Anatta Berner and David and Terry Hatch (his guru-brother and guru-sister). Carolyn Terrell contributed her loving editing on the First Edition. Cas Moore did the diagram of the human biocomputer. The loving energy of Karen Zieminski and Lenore Schuh has helped in correcting typographical errors. Mark Allen, Tolly Burkan, Tony Cantea, Dorothy Durham, Rita Gordon, Wesley Hiler, Norma Lewis, Lenore Schuh and Allen Summers offered many valuable suggestions. Susan Stafford designed the seagull logo and Marty Johnson did the cover drawing.

Ken Keyes, Jr.

Berkeley, California

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