Bogeyman Under the bed

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Adult Christians like to taunt me that the god Jehovah must exist because I cannot prove he does not. I would like to show why that logic is fallacious.
son: Daddy, there is a bogey man under the bed.
father: No no, that is just your imagination. Here, let me show you with a flashlight.
son: But bogey men are invisible.
father: I see. I am waving a broom around all under the bed. I don’t feel any bogeymen.
son: But bogey men are transcorporeal.
father: Where’d you learn a strange word like that? What does it mean?
son: It means brooms go right through ’em.
father: Ok then, if bogey men are invisible and transcorporeal, how did you find out one was under the bed in the first place?
son: I heard a squeaking noise.
father: But everyone knows bogeyman don’t squeak. They make sort of breathy roaring noise like this, ahhrrr.
son: Eeek!
son: But it is written, He’s there, Dad, I promise. I can feel him with my soul strings.
father: Who written it? you? soul strings Who you been hanging out with, Oprah?
son: No, its in a book Ralphie owns.
son: Dad, why won’t you believe me? Why do you reject the living truth? Why do you hate me? Why have you forsaken me? Why dost thou abandon me to a fate worse than death?
father: What have you been reading? I am not harming you or abandoning you. You are just letting your imagination run away with you. I will sleep in the arm chair over there. If any bogey man attacks you I will come to your rescue and whack him with a baseball bat. I’ll leave the constellation turtle night light on. Now go to sleep.
son: But Dad. He’s indomitable. He will rip off your appendages. He will inject you with steroids. I don’t want to die…

Jehovah is just the adult version of an imaginary bogeyman under the bed. Christians too need help getting over their terror.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)