Frog Treatment

Imagine you went to your doctor complaining of a scaly bit of skin in the middle of your back. He referred you to a specialist. When you went to the specialist, he donned a female ballet costume, then danced a few bars of the black swan from Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake. Then he plunged his hand into an aquarium and grabbed a large frog which he held aloft, turning to present it to each of the four directions. Then he took a scalpel and slit its throat. Then he threw it into a blender. He then took springy sticks and flung the mess all over, except for the scaly patch in the middle of your back. You would be astonished. This would be so unlike any other treatment your doctor had prescribed before. I feel this way about Jehovah. He is so bizarre, so crazy, so unlike anything else I know about the universe. People who try to sell him to me must be putting me on.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)