Hell is allegedly infinite pain, worse than being thrown in to a lake of molten sulphur. It supposedly lasts forever, even longer than the age of the universe.

What finite crimes are sufficiently dire to rate infinite punishment?

The Christian god is allegedly punishing people for nonsense, petty sins, and for thought crimes that people cannot help committing. Christians are manipulating people into handing over money by tricking them into feeling guilty. This is so dishonest. What kind of pervert supports a religion with such sick teachings?

Christian, how dare you lie to me and try to fob the sadistic tyrant who cooked this all up as loving. This is about extorting money and selling a particular church. No plausible deity would behave like a mafia don. He/she would love us at least as strongly as a human loves his pet fish.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68) Dr. David Silverman: babies in hell click to watch