Conceited Survivors

Among the most contemptible Christians are those like Pastor David Webster of Prince Albert Saskatchewan. He survived a plane crash and leapt to the conclusion the god Jehovah had rescued him and deliberately smote everyone else who died in plane crashes. He is so conceited that he decided that not only did the creator of the universe take time out of his busy schedule alter the natural unfolding of the universe for his benefit and that god Jehovah decided that he was the only person worth saving.

It would seem to me, that if Jehovah truly favoured Mr. Webster he would have spared him the trauma entirely. Surviving an air crash is a daily event. So is dying in an air crash. Neither is in the least miraculous, though it might feel that way to someone enjoying a narrow escape. Who dies has to do with the physics of the crash, not the preposterously high esteem Christians survivors hold themselves.

Mr. Webster so inflated his ego by this event, that he fancied himself favoured like some prophet of old and presumed the god Jehovah had personally called him to start a ministry and that Jehovah had delivered him a wife who believed his crap too.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)