Proof of God

Imagine two men in a European coffee house in 1650. One asks the other Why is there disease?
The other replies I don’t know.
The first says Well I know. It is god. It is god punishing sin.
The first man is not only wrong, he lied. He did not know. He was just speculating.

Skip forward to the year 2015 with two men in a Starbucks. One asks the other You are a scientist. How did life arise on earth. I contend it is impossible.
The other replies Well, it cannot very well be impossible because here we are! We don’t know yet. However, we think it was by simple organic molecules forming, then more and more complex ones like nucleotides or it might have arrived on a bit of space debris from some other part of the galaxy.
The first says Well, if even you don’t know, that proves Jehovah did it with the holy word.
The second replies No it doesn’t. That is the silliest and most useless explanation I have ever heard. It is like saying leprechauns do it with fairy dust when I ask for a lesson on how to wire a house. It is just evading the question. Further, there is no evidence at all this god of your exists or that he could or did perform such magic or that poofing life into existence is even possible for anything. Further, even if some deity did it, there is no evidence at all it was yours.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)