Residential Schools

The Canadian federal government decided the genocide of native culture and religion could best be implemented by taking native children from their homes and raising them in residential schools run by the Catholics, Anglicans and the United Church. The official policy was to take the Indian out of the Indian.

The children, both male and female, were beaten and raped. Even the female caretakers participated in the sexual abuse. The children were given inadequate amounts of food containing worms and insects. They were denied medical care. Their caretakers beat Christianity into them. They did this for seven generations before it was finally stopped. The Truth and Reconciliation Commission discovered thousands of unmarked graves. They estimated the churches killed at least 7000 children. Almost nobody responsible was criminally charged or publicly shamed.

I think those Christians should be charged and publicly shamed. I think the assets of those churches should be used to pay reparations. I think the doors of those churches should be permanently closed. Keeping them open is like maintaining monuments to the Nazis.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)