The Fine Tuning Argument

The fine tuning argument (that various universal constants, if different would have generated a universe that does not sustain life) is one of the most persuasive arguments the believers have ever used. The argument came from science. The latest multiverse thinking is ours is only one of impossibly many universes. Ours just fluked out with constants for our form of life. Other values might have generated other forms of life. Nearly all other universes do not have life.

Further our universe is not perfect. Only a tiny fraction of our universe supports life. Most of it is near absolute zero vacuum. If it were designed for life by an omnipotent god it would be a much better fit. Many Christians assert there is no life but on one planet in trillions of galaxies and planets, hardly fine tuned for life. There are many other technical arguments against the fine tuning argument. Scientists don’t take it seriously.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68) The Fallacy of Fine-Tuning: Why the Universe Is Not Designed for Us