The Effects of Creationism

Creationism is like Alzheimers. The brains of once bright intelligent people that it infects turn to jelly. Creationism is caused by severe childhood trauma. Parents threaten their kids with being burned eternally if the child does not unquestioningly believe the Christian faith. These traumatised children learn that they must ignore logic, ignore reality, ignore even their own eyes. It is not enough to lie, they must actually believe to be safe. Because this brainwashing occurs prior to being able to use logic for defence, the children cannot later use logic to root out the malicious programming. Even when they logically convince themselves Jehovah is just a fictitious bogey man, they cannot root out the unconscious terror of him.

I think parents who do this should be jailed for child abuse and their kids should be given to new parents. Because this abuse has gone on for centuries, most people, even non-Christians, see brainwashing as a fundamental right of Christian parents, just as a century ago nearly everyone felt Christian parents had the right to beat their children to death.

When people embrace creationism, they are forced to ignore the fact that every single scientific claim in the bible is wrong. Creationists are required to embrace the notion the bible is inerrant even though it has thousands of obvious errors and contradictions. Creationists are required to believe an invisible sky fairy created the universe then wrote the bible, even though the bible contains not a trace of information a creator of the universe would have to know, and a ton of misinformation about universe creating (such as the flat earth). They are browbeaten to ignore the fact that every single aspect of the creation myth is counter to fact. They are commanded to ignore the bible is cram full of tall tales and impossible events without any evidence to support them.

They never learn that science is checked and rechecked by thousands of scientists. Science has to make sense theoretically, mathematically and experimentally. It has to be consistent with all other scientific knowledge. The information is very solid compared with the other information we absorb such as: history, politics or current events. Creationists are required to ignore all of science for no reason.

When I debate with a creationist, it is like debating with a parrot. They can repeat phrases but cannot understand a word I say. I feel so frustrated, I find myself wanting to smash their teeth in. Then I remember seeing videos of pre-schoolers who have been brainwashed by creationists. They looked like normal kids, but they had been lobotomised. The kids are victims and so are adult creationists. The horror is, the adults are programmed to repeat the abuse they endured, on their own kids.

~ Roedy (born:1948-02-04 age:68)