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ZoneAlarm Pro  ZoneAlarm Pro
A project to create a free Windows firewall. ZoneAlarm Pro is the commercial version. Steve Gibson is behind it. ZoneAlarm is an interesting program because not only does it monitor your programs trying to access the Internet, but also it tells of rogue programs on your machine reaching out to the Internet. It tells you if programs are trying to access your local LAN (Local Area Network) and you can assign separate properties for each program. If you have many programs that use the Internet, it gets a little anoying, giving each individual one permission. You can click the lock icon and it disconnects you from the Internet, forming a wall between your computer and the Internet, but you can tell specific programs that they can pass through the lock, so I don’t know how absolute the lock really is. The highest security setting does not allow Internet Explorer to function so you have to use Opera.

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