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rar WinRAR
An archive utility similar to WinZip and PKZIP. The current version is 5.5 Last revised/verified: 2017-08-13 It looks like WinZip with skins. Its most notable feature is the ability to handle *.bz2 and *.tar.bz2 super-compressed files using the BZip2 algorithm. It can decompress the following formats: 7z, ace, arj, bz2, cab, gz, iso, jar, lzh, tar, tar.bz2, tar.gz, uue, z and zip. It is a tiny program, less than a megabyte. SFX (Self-extracting executable) in WinRAR jargon. You will likely first encounter it to unpack the Gimp downloads.

WinRAR is available for over a dozen operating systems, in both 32 and 64-bit versions. It costs  $29.00 USD and is distributed as trialware. Even after the trial is over, it is still quite usable, with just a bit of nagging.

WinRAR sometimes produces a string of component compressed files with extensions *.r01 *.r02 etc. when you compress a large file. To decompress, you just open the *.r01 archive and it automaticaly finds and processes the other pieces. This feature is useful for sending a very large file such as a DVD (Digital Video Disc) image to someone over the Internet. You can break it up into manageable pieces and reconstruct them. WinZip Courier limits you to 2 GB (and 100 MB free). WinRAR helps you get around those limits by smashing big files into compressed little ones.

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