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A webform is a form you fill in with your browser.
Web forms are the work of the devil. They are more primitive than the punch card. They are a giant fuck you to web visitors. Why do I think this way?
  • On average I have to rekey each field three times before it takes. The information keeps disappearing.
  • Each form has been tested with only one browser. Which browser is a state secret. The odds are my default browser is not it. Developers insisted on farting around with bug-infested JavaScript for fancy effects that don’t work instead of using a vanilla form.
  • Forms ask for standard information they have a right to know such as your email address and name. Yet they make you type it out longhand over and over. Surely those fields should autofill.
  • To key my country, instead of just typing the country code abbreviation, ca, I have to scroll through a list of all the countries in the world to find Canada and select it.
  • Forms demand all kinds of information that are nobody’s business such as your sex, age, income. They demand your home address even if you are having nothing shipped. This information is purely for the benefit of spamming and marketing.
  • If you click help to find out what some field in the form means, when you return to it, all the fields have been cleared.
  • You don’t find out about errors until you hit send. In the old days you found out on the very keystroke you made the error.
  • There is no way to save a partially filled form while you research something.
  • Forms often demand you give them an American address complete with zip code, even if all you are doing in reporting a broken link or a typo. If they are going to do that they should warn you at the top.

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