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Web Designer
Somebody with a combination of artistic and technical talent who designs web pages. They don’t usually do programming. They create the graphics, the layouts, choose the fonts etc. Here are some people you might want to contract to do this sort of work for you. Have a peek at their own websites and the web sites of their customers to see a sample of their work.
Name email website Notes
Marty Bunch email Marty Bunch martybunch.com designed the CMP logo on the home page.
Isabelle Cardinal email Isabelle Cardinal www.eyecreate.com did the illustrations for the Immuexa site.
Lars Kleinschmidt email Lars Kleinschmidt larskl.de He is the designer of many Opera skins, especially the exquisite minimalist skin. He is very busy and can only take on contracts involving less than 50 pages at this time. If you email him, please send it plain, not formatted.

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