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The aggregate collection of documents you can retrieve using the HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol) protocol on the Internet. It is like a giant collaborative book, continuously updated by thousands of authors. It contains text, pictures, sound and video. It can refer to all the computers accessible via the Internet, or more narrowly the text and graphics available to browsers via HTTP protocol on those computers. Sometimes it is used as a generic term for any sort of electronic communication via email, newsgroups or websites.

Domains with such HTTP access often begin with the letters wwwWWW (World Wide Web) or in Esperato TTT (Tut-Tera Teksaĵo).

[The World Wide Web is] the only thing I know of whose shortened form — www — takes three times longer to say than what it’s short for.
~ Douglas Adams (1952-03-11 2001-05-11 age:49)

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