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The web is Orwellian in that the content is constantly changing with no record of what it used to be. People say things, change what they said, or retract them with no trace they ever said them. The wayback machine is a service of web.archive.org to take periodic snapshots of websites and save them for posterity unmodified. It has 85 billion web page snapshots archived. Last revised/verified: 2008-08-10

Try it out by looking at archives of the mindprod.com home page starting in 1999.

Among other things, these snapshots are useful in researching broken links. The term comes from a Jay Ward animated cartoon of the late 1950s about an intellectual dog, Mr. Peabody and his friend Sherman. Mr. Peabody and Sherman would have various historical adventures with the aid of a time travelling device they called the wayback machine.

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