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volume label
In Windows, you can give each hard drive, CD (Compact Disc), DVD (Digital Video Disc), memory card or flash drive a case-sensitive name called the volume label. Naming is not mandatory. A volume label can be assigned to each logical drive.

Don’t confuse the volume label with the 32-bit binary volume serial number sometimes called the volser assigned to a floppy or hard drive partition when it is low-level formatted.

There is a third type of serial number, hard to get at, put there by the hard disk manufacturer called the manufacturer serial number.

You can discover the volume label and volume serial number with a simple dir command at the Windows command prompt.


On my machine the output looks roughly like this:
full:[C system acer (C:)] chopped:[C system acer]
full:[BOOTIT (D:)] chopped:[BOOTIT]
full:[E Data (E:)] chopped:[E Data]
full:[F programs (F:)] chopped:[F programs]
full:[G attic (G:)] chopped:[G attic]
full:[E Data (J:)] chopped:[E Data]
full:[] chopped:[]
full:[] chopped:[]
full:[] chopped:[]
full:[Q EXCHANGE (Q:)] chopped:[Q EXCHANGE]
full:[DVD RW Drive (V:) Dec 16 2007] chopped:[DVD RW Drive]
full:[] chopped:[]
Drives without names show as blanks in the output of VolLabels. The blanks are drives for various types of memory cards I don’t use.

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