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I have left this tombstone entry for historical interest.

Visual Age For Java
VAJ (Visual Age for Java). IBM (International Business Machines) ’s Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment) with a SCID-like source code repository and dreadful help files. Has ctrl-space command completion and excellent class browsing. Lets you symbolically debug multi-thread apps. It erroneously lets pass missing throws in constructors. Its biggest problem is the way it totally mangles source on export. Comments no longer align. Methods are reordered. Blank lines are all removed. Spacing is totally different than what went in. This makes it unsuitable for sharing via CVS (Concurrent Versions System) with other non-VAJ team programmers since you get so many false deltas. The main drawback is that it is stuck at Java 1.2.2 and will not be updated. It was replaced by Websphere Studio Application Developer, based on Eclipse.

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