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virtual machine
Usually the term means the JVM (Java Virtual Machine), the hypothetical machine capable of running byte code simulated by java.exe for various platforms.

Virtual machine can also refer to a way of running several OS (Operating System) es fully simultaneously on the same hardware. You use this feature often to test out new releases of your main OS, or to experiment with other OS es such as Linux, 64-bit versions or to test your software on older OS es such as Win2K and XP, or to run legacy software that only runs on older OSes (Operating Systems).

Microsoft provides free software called Virtual PC 2007 to do virtualisation. It even lets you drag and drop to copy files between different OS es running in different windows on your desktop.

JVMJava Virtual Machine
Parallels virtual server software
Qemu: free virtualisation for Linux
Wikipedia on Windows Virtual PC: free virtualisation of different Windows OSes
Windows 10 Virtual PCs
XEN: virtualisation for many different types of CPU

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