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As the Internet gets faster and computers get more and more capable of handling the massive number of bits needed for high resolution video, video on demand becomes more and more popular. Video can be compressed and downloaded in the background with tools like BitTorrent to be viewed later, or it can also be streamed in real time as in SilverLight, or Real Audio. As fiber optic connections become universal we will see an explosion in digital video services, including high resolution video telephones and on-demand entertainment.

Common Video File Types

Video Format MIME Type And Extensions Associated With Them
Extension MIME Type Alternate MIME Types Notes
3gpvideo/3gp ok for video or audio
asfvideo/x-ms-asf Microsoft media audio and/or video
asxvideo/x-ms-asf Microsoft video playlist. XML, with entries giving URL for each file to play in order.
avivideo/avivideo/x-msvideoearlier Microsoft video format. avi movie, works with Winamp (best), MS Media Player (often audio only), or QuickTime (in theory)
flvvideo/x-flv Flash video
gviapplication/x-gsp Google Video, copy protected.
gvpapplication/x-gsp Google Video pointer
m4uaudio/x-mpegurlvideo/vnd.mpegurlredirect to audio url
movvideo/quicktime Quicktime movie player
movievideo/x-sgi-movie movie
mp3audio/mp3audio/mpeg, audio/x-mp3, audio/x-mpgmp3/mpeg compressed audio. Popular format for portable music players.
mpevideo/mpeg mpeg movie player
mpegvideo/mpeg mpeg movie player
mpgvideo/mpeg mpeg movie player
oggaudio/x-oggvorbisapplication/oggencapsulation for Vorbis I non-proprietary audio or video.
ogvvideo/ogg Ogg video
ogxapplication/ogg muliplex ogg stream
przapplication/vnd.lotus-freelance Lotus/IBM Freelance presenation
qtvideo/quicktime Quicktime movie player
rssapplication/rss+xmltext/xmlfor RSS-2 podcasting feeds. Unfortunately, it does not distinguish between text, audio and video. RSS-1 uses application/xml or application/rdf+xml.
swfapplication/x-shockwave-flash Shockwave Flash, not straight white female.
vobvideo/dvdvideo/mpegVideo OBject contains several streams multiplexed together: Video, Audio and Subtitles. Video is MPEG-2
wmvideo/x-ms-wm Microsoft compressed video
wmvvideo/x-ms-wmv Microsoft compressed video. Play with Windows media Player or Winamp. Winamp lets you slide forward and back.
wmxvideo/x-ms-wmx Microsoft compressed audio
wvxvideo/x-ms-wvx Microsoft compressed video
xamlapplication/xaml+xml Silverlight

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