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What is a Version Number for?

How Not To Do Version Numbers

The Release Date

The release date is far more meaningful than the version number to end users. They remember approximately when they last updated. If they look at the release date and see it was two years ago, they can be pretty sure there will be an update available. If they see a file sitting on their disk, the release date lets them know if it is likely obsolete.

Beta Version Numbers

Sometimes you prerelease an experimental version e.g. 7.45beta. When you issue the official code, make sure you increment the version number so improved later code always has a higher version number, e.g. 7.46.

Build Number

If you make a minor bug fix to your common library, refactor some code, tidy some code, rename some methods, the end user should notice nothing. Increment the integer build number each time you clean compile everything, even when you do not do a release.

Suggested Rules

Document Versions

In future, documents will come to be treated more like programs when it comes to tracking versions. For example:

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