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An array that automatically grows. Now replaced by ArrayList. You would only use Vector only for compatibility with Java 1.1.

Vector.add( elt ) automatically tacks on the end.

Thread Safety Vectors In Mathematics
Old and New method names Learning More
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Vectors In Graphics

Thread Safety

To get the thread safety of Vector in ArrayList wrap it like
// making an ArrayList threadsafe
ArrayList a = new ArrayList( 100 );
Collection threadSafeList = Collections.synchronizedCollection( a );

Old and New method names


Vector will often give you ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException. There are many ways to generate one.

Vectors In Graphics

In the context of graphic image processing there are two basic types: raster graphics and vector graphics. Raster graphics store the colour of a dot called a pixel for every tiny cell of the image. Vector graphics store the begin and end points of lines used to construct an image at any scale. Vector graphics also typically handle Bezier curves, which are curves that go through sample points, with the direction and curvature adjusted at each point to smooth the curve.

Vectors In Mathematics

In mathematics, a vector is a something with both a quanity and a direction, e.g. velocity or a force. A vector is also a tuple of numbers. Three numbers can be used to represent a direction in 3D. four numbers can represent a point in space-time.

Learning More

Oracle’s Javadoc on Vector class : available:

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