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top down
A way of designing computer programs. You start with a mission statement of what you program is going to do. You then expand that into a list of things your program will and will not do. You then expand that into a specification. You then persuade the user to sign off. He usually will without even reading it. Users don’t start to get intersted until they see something on the screen. You might whip up a prototype to help make the users understand just what it is you are planning to give them and get them to complain now rather than later after code is set in stone.

You then break the program into major chunks and define what each is going to do. You then define subchunks. You get it down to classes and methods. Each with a clearly defined function of what it will and will not do.

Then you code, or give the job to a team of programmers.

The advantages of this approach are:


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