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going tharn is a deer-in-the-headlights panic and paralysis caused by trying to solve too many aspects of a computer programming problem at once. It is a type of overwhelm. It is the normal state for newbies and can also hit experienced programmers especially under deadline, emotional stress or illness. What can you do about it?
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by Richard Adams 978-0-380-00293-1 paperback
birth 1920-05-09 age:97 978-0-7569-6694-2 hardcover
publisher Avon 978-1-4391-7612-2 eBook
published 1976-01-01 978-1-4417-3749-6 audio
  B002RI9L76 kindle
The term tharn comes from the book Watership Down which describes the universe from the point of view of a herd of rabbits. The rabbits have to deal with their paralysing fear. It is a book similar to Lord of The Rings, but without the magical element. It is one of the most absorbing books I ever read.
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