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A telemarketer is someone who phones you unsolicited to sell you something or to solicit a donation. If you bought from them before, or contacted them previously, under some circumstances, this is legal for them to do. Political campaigns often use robocall machines that deliver a pre-recorded message. For sales, robocall machines will often dial lists of numbers from a database, or all possible numbers, wait for someone to answer, then hand the call over to low-paid human agent who uses a script to interact with you.

Even though there are laws against making unsolicited phone calls, they are more common than ever since low long distance rates make it feasible to call from foreign countries, where the law does not apply, using close to slave labour.

My strategy is to quietly hang up on a telemarketer as soon as possible. I have no beef with the agent calling. They had to take this horrible job simply because they could not get any alternative employment. My quick and firm dismissal, I hope, will be automatically recorded to discourage future calls.

If you to take the effort to prosecute, which few people do, you will need to trick the illegal telemarketer into identifying themselves. You could try something like this, This sounds interesting, but I am in the shower just now. (I have to race to toilet. There is somebody at the door. The kitchen timer just went off). Could I call you back? In any case record the precise details of the call, who they claimed to be, its date, time and duration and a recording of it if possible.

Clues A Call Is From a Telemarketer

Clues A Call Is Not From a Telemarketer


American Do Not Call Registry to get rid of telephone solicitors
Canadian Do not Call Registry 1-866-580-3625 to get rid of telephone solicitors
NoMoRobo: block robocalls

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