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Tee shirt

There are all kinds of sites on the Internet that sell tee shirts. Shipping is inexpensive. If your shirts die by getting stained or stolen, you might go for multiple cheap shirts. If your shirts die by neck bands stretching, you might want to go for the durable shirts. I hate it when my clothing wears out. It is like an old friend dying. I am always on the lookout for durable clothing. I also like to wear bright colours all over the spectrum that only five year olds would consider.

Internet Tee Shirt Sources
Brand Model Cost Notes
Eddie Bauer Legend $20.00 USD Come in 8 colours. Take PayPal.
Tom Cridland The 30-year T-shirt 25.00 GBP Come in 5 colours. 30-year guarantee. Indiegogo crowd funded. Also other garments with 30-year guarantee. Take PayPal.
Decathlon Dry Skin 1.50 GBP Ship from 8 different countries. Sell all manner of sporting clothes and equipment. Take PayPal.
Land’s End Men’s Short Sleeve V-neck Super-T $10.00 USD Come in 8 colours. You can get them monogrammed.
Muscle Fit Basics Crew Basic $30.43 CAD Tapered body, for the more fit man. Comes in eight colours. Take PayPal
Nike Dri-Fit $45.00 USD Come in 6 colours. Take PayPal.
ShirtWholesaler G200 $2.50 USD Come in 62 colours. Take PayPal
Nike Dri-Fit $45.00 USD Come in 6 colours. Take PayPal.
ShirtWholesaler G200 $2.50 USD Come in 62 colours. Take PayPal
Simons $10.00 USD Come in conservative colours in many styles. Take PayPal and Interact. Canadian.
Tilley Endurables Short Sleeved $45.00 CAD A variety of shirt styles. 14 colours.
Uniglo Dry $8.00 USD Come in 12 colours.

The most popular colours are white, black, navy, grey and red.

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