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tag cloud
If you were to tag photographs with words, you could count how many times each tag were used and represent that information by displaying the tag in bigger text to represent more uses, something like this:
Africa animal animals architecture art August Australia autumn baby beach birthday black black and white blue Boston building California camera phone camping Canada cannon car cat Chicago China Christmas church city clouds colour concert day DC December dog England Europe fall family festival Florida flower food France friends fun garden Germany girl graffiti green Halloween Hawaii hiking holiday home honeymoon Hong Kong house India Ireland Italy Japan July kids lake landscape light London me Mexico mountain mountains museum music nature new New Zealand night ocean October Paris park party people photo portrait red river road trip rock Rome San Francisco school Scotland sea Seattle sky snow Spain spring street summer sunset Sydney Taiwan Texas Thailand Thanksgiving Tokyo Toronto travel tree trees trip vacation Vancouver Washington water wedding white winter yellow zoo
There is another type of tag cloud, an animation where there are words literally floating around on your screen. When you mouse-over one of those words, they immobilize and clicking on them makes them the center of the cloud, around which new, related words, will float.

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