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If you see a paragraph marked like this with a strawberry icon, it means this is something I love and recommend. It should bring joy into your life. I sometimes use it to mean "Look at this first".

The strawberry is an allusion to a story about a monk who was chased by a pair of tigers. The monk found himself cornered at the edge of a cliff. He let himself down on a vine over the cliff. The tigers were pawing at the ground digging at the roots of the vine. Two mice started gnawing at the vine. It would be only minutes before he plunged to his death. Just then, the monk noticed a perfect, ripe stawberry growing out of the cliff and the monk enjoyed the best tasting strawberry of his life. My friend, the late Ken Keyes, used to tell this story often.

If you see no strawberry it means your browser does not support CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) style sheets and these icons will be invisble to you until you get a browser such as Opera that supports them.

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