// tidy.config             htmltidy config file. see also tidyincludes.config
// configure tidy html5 tidier.
// No space before colon, one space after.
// All keywords and values are lower case.
break-before-br: true       // start new line before each <br>
char-encoding: utf8         // allow multi-byte encodings.
clean: false                // if true, means convert markup to css classes that work only in IE
coerce-endtags: true        // insert missing end tags
drop-empty-elements: true   // drop empty elements
drop-font-tags: false       // don't discard the net effect of <font tags
fix-uri: true               // escape naughty chars in URLs
hide-endtags: false         // keep end tags
indent-spaces: 2            // how much to indent each level
indent: auto                // indent sometimes
input-xml: false            // parse as HTML not XML
literal-attributes: true    // preserve spaces in attributes
logical-emphasis: true      // convert i and b tags
lower-literals: false       // leave literal values as is
markup: true                // beautify
merge-emphasis: true        // collapse nested bold
newline: lf                 // Unix line ending conventions
numeric-entities: false     // do not convert alpha entities to numerics
output-html: true           // output tidied HTML
output-xhtml: false         // do not output tidied XHTML
output-xml: false           // do not output tidied XML
preserve-entities: true     // preserve entities that HTMLentities does not recognise
punctuation-wrap: false     // avoid wrap after special punctuation
quiet: true                 // prune back welcome message and stats
quote-ampersand: true       // convert & to &amp;
quote-marks: true           // convert " to &quot;
quote-nbsp: true            // convert (char) 160 to &nbsp;
show-errors: 25             // how many errors to show before giving up.
show-warnings: true         // show warnings
sort-attributes: alpha      // sort attributes alphabetically
tidy-mark: false            // don't add extra meta generator line
uppercase-attributes: false // lower case attributes
uppercase-tags: false       // lower case tags
vertical-space: false       // insert blank lines for readability.
wrap-attributes: false      // do not reflow attributes. It will anyway if it can't keep the line under the wrap limit.
wrap-script-literals: false // avoid wrapping JavaScript
wrap: 120                   // reflow text to make lines this long. 
write-back: true            // overwrite the input file with the tidied file. Other backup exists in case HTMLtidy makes a mess.
// -30-