@echo on
@echo killjet.btm get rid of temp Jet files in entire com\mindprod tree.  2014-07-25
rem does not need Jet functioning to run.
rem kill all rdf bod obj and sym directories recursively in the com\mindprod tree
rem e.g. com\mindprod\converter\bod\*.*
rem      com\mindprod\converter\obj\*.*
rem      com\mindprod\converter\sym\*.*
rem      com\mindprod\major\minor\bod\*.*
echo off
cd \com\mindprod

rem /A:d means only examine directories
for /A:d %i in (*.*) do (

rem display subdir in tree we are working on
echo %i

rem /E suppress error messages
rem /F means force delete killing read/only, system files etc.
rem /S means subdirectories too, recursive
rem /X mean remove empty subdirectories
rem /Y mean automatically answer Yes to prompt about deleting ok.
rem the trailing \ means I want only a directory name.
del /FSEXY %i\jetpdb\
del /FEYQ  %i\%i.exe

rem create dummy versions until the real ones are jet prepared
copy E:\sys\dummy.exe E:\sys\jarcheck.exe
copy E:\sys\dummy.exe E:\sys\jarlook.exe
copy E:\sys\dummy.exe E:\sys\untouch.exe
copy E:\sys\dummy.exe E:\sys\prunefoot.exe
copy E:\sys\dummy.exe E:\sys\fourtidy.exe

rem regenerate csv.zip  so can regenerate all Jets.
cd E:\com\mindprod\csv
call ant zip

rem -30-