Rem four ways to use JET from the command line to produce a *.exe file.

rem compile without a jar, MyClass becomes the main class and JET finds dependent classes.
CD \
rem You don't want to be in directory with the class file, but the one above com.
rem Note use of / not \ or . to separate path elements.
jc com/mindprod/mypackage/MyClass

rem compile a jar, the manifest Main-Class entry determines the main class.
CD \com\mindprod\mypackage
rem want to be in the directory with the jar
jc mypackage.jar

rem compile give the project file which fine tunes how the compiliation class inclusion is done.
rem Note that jc mypackage.prj will NOT work.
jc -p mypackage.prj

rem or run the total control GUI version with where you can also specify an installer.
rem you can also run it from the progam menu where it is called "Excelsior JET"

rem -30-