rem main.mft contains a single line like this:
rem Main-Class:com.mindprod.converter.Converter
rem Jar.exe Usage:jar{ctx}[vfm0M][jar-file][manifest-file]files...
rem -c create new archive
rem -t list table of contents for archive
rem -x extract named (or all) files from archive
rem -v generate verbose output on standard error
rem -f specify archive file name, @file is a list of files.
rem -m include manifest information from specified manifest file
rem -0 store only; use no ZIP compression
rem -M Do not create a manifest file for the entries

rem no C:\ or it will become embedded in jars.
cd \
jar.exe -cvfm cmp\Converter\converter.jar cmp\Converter\main.mft cmp\business\Misc.class cmp\Converter\*.class cmp\business\CMPAbout*.class