rem grab6.btm
rem copy over IntelliJ *.java files to project files if they are newer
rem How to copy just some selected directories from one tree to another
cd E:\com
untouch -q -s .

cd E:\intellij
untouch -q -s .

rem For now leave out dirs amazon,backup2zip,compactor,htmlmacros,jdisplayaux,jdisplayorphans,jprep,jdisplayaux

set dirsToCopy=autocorrect,backuptozip,brokenlinks,connectors,constellation,cropper,extract,fixlinks,hits,htmlreflow,keyplayer,masmtidy,mother,phone,prices,qf,repair,replicator,replicatorcommon,replicatorsender,replicatoruse,seesort,tz,untouch,vercheck

for %i in (%dirsToCopy) do (
set source=E:\intellij\mp\j7\src\com\mindprod\%i
set target=E:\com\mindprod\%i
echo %i
rem possible switches:  /E no error messages  /Subdirs  /T just totals  /U update
copy /TU %source\*.java %target
rem -30-