// vertical alignment, replaces HTML valign.
// The best way to understand it just to experiment to see the visual effect.

vertical-align:sub;         // positioned to do a subscript without <sub>, can also be done with entities like &#x2082;
vertical-align:bottom;      // low as possible
vertical-align:baseline;    // default.  Align baseline of this text with baseline of parent.
vertical-align:text-bottom; // align bottom of this text with bottom of parent
veritcal-align:middle;      // align middle of this text with middle of parent
vertical-align:central      // align centre of this text with centre of parent. 
vertical-align:text-top;    // above tallest text in line, but may actually be only above the 'n's.
vertical-align:top          // high as possible.
vertical-align:super;       // positioned to do a superscript without <sup>. baseline align with tops of parent's n's.
vertical-align:50%;         // raised half a character height.
vertical-align:5px;         // raised 5 pixels

// There is no vertical-align:center though there is as text-align:center for left-right alignment.