display:block                // to put something in a box.
display:table                // to put something in a shrink-to-fit box. Unfortunately, IE does not shrink the box.
                             // It puts it in a giant box that spreads out all the way across the screen
                             // or fouls it up completely. Unfortunately, you cannot use table with <pre,
                             // because display:table has a side effect of reflowing the text.
display:inline               // makes something fit on the same line as other text.
display:list-item            // gets you a bullet. Style applied by default to <li>.
display:compact              // applied to <dl> gets a compact dictionary listing. Firefox ignores the option.
display:none                 // hide.
display:marker               // not well supported. This causes an additional marker box to be generated along with the content box.
                             // You put text in the aux box with before: and after:
display:run-in               // Mysteriously behaves like either block or inline depending on context.
display:table-rowStyle       // applied by default to <tr>.
display:table-header-group   // Style applied to <thead>.
display:table-row-group      // Style applied to <tbody>.
display:table-footer-group   // Style applied to </tbody>.
display:table-column         // Style applied to <col>.
display:table-column-group   // Style applied to <colgroup>.
display:table-cell           // Style applied to <td> or <th>.