rem amazontojava.bat
rem expand AWSECommerceService.wsdl xml into Java source code in E:\com\mindprod\aws\jax
rem must rerun every once in a while as Amazon changes the API
rem automatically downloads the latest *.wsdl.
rem results will go in E:\com\mindprod\aws\jax
CD \

rem  SET JDK64=J:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.8.0_131

rem default  2011-08-01 version:
rem "%JDK64\bin\wsimport.exe" -s . -p

rem the latest is 2013-08-01
"%JDK64\bin\wsimport.exe" -s . -p

rem copy generated *.java into Intellij
copy E:\com\mindprod\aws\jax\*.* E:\intellij\mp\j7\src\com\mindprod\aws\jax

rem cache a local copy of the *.wsdl
E:\com\mindprod\filetransfer\download.jar E:\com\mindprod\aws\jax\AWSECommerceService.wsdl

rem update the string everywhere in appears in your code to the version you chose.
rem -30-