<!-- this is a simplified version of what vendors usually give you for
HTML.  I usually simplify it and clean out the HTML validation errors.
This example displays a dolphin poster and lets you buy it from Art.com.
The Art Macro is my own invention to crank these out given only the
product id and the width and height of the image.  T=15035854 is my
account number.  P=10021927 is the product number.  A=918185 is the vendor
number -->
<!-- macro Art "Synchroncity" 10021927 114 91 -->
<table class="borderless"><caption class="hidden">Synchroncity art print</caption>
    <td style="text-align:center;vertical-align:bottom"><a class="plain" href="http://affiliates.art.com/get.art?P=10021927&amp;T=15035854&amp;A=918185&amp;L=8&amp;S=2&amp;Y=0)" target="_parent">
      <img src="http://images.art.com/images/products/small/10021000/10021927.jpg" style="width:114px" height="91" alt="View larger image at art.com" ></a></td>
    <td style="text-align:center" style="vertical-align:middle"><a class="plain" href="http://affiliates.art.com/get.art?P=10021927&amp;T=15035854&amp;A=918185&amp;L=8&amp;S=2&amp;Y=0" target="_parent">Synchroncity</a></td>
<!-- end Art referral for Synchroncity -->