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Server software that sits atop IP (Internet Protocol), UDP (User Datagram Protocol) or TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol) are called services. There is usually one service per protocol supported. Windows NT/W2K use the term more generally to mean any program that runs invisibly in the background. Once you start a service with net start xxxx, it keeping running, even if you reboot until you stop the service with net stop xxxx.

There a list of sevices and their associated port names in the following file: services file.

Linux /etc/services
W95, W98 and Me C:\Windows\services.
NT, W2K and XP C:\WINNT\system32\drivers\etc\services.
Vista, W2008, W7-32, W7-64, W8-32 and W8-64 C:\Windows\system32\drivers\etc\services.
The Format is as follows:
service name port num/protocol
ftp 21/tcp
snmp 161/udp
A protocol mentioned in this file is not necessarily running or even supported or your computer, either as server or client. For a list of the most common well-known ports see port. IANA (Internet Assigned Numbers Authority) maintains the full list.

Windows Service

Windows has a more general meaning for service. It is a program automatically started whenever windows starts and automatically gracefully shut down whenever Windows shuts down. For example, you might run your MySQL database that way to make sure it is always available. For details see the section on setting up a service in the MySQL manual.

In NT, W2K, XP, W2003, Vista, W2008, W7-32, W7-64, W8-32 and W8-64 you can start and stop services and check out how they are configured at Settings ⇒ Control Panel ⇒ administrative tools ⇒ Component Services ⇒ Services (local).

In Vista, W2008, W7-32, W7-64, W8-32 and W8-64 type Ctrl+Alt+Del and select the Task Manager ⇒ click the services tab ⇒ click services in the bottom right.

Alternatively, in Vista click Start ⇒ Administrative Services ⇒ Services.

Alternatively, in W7-32 and W7-64 right click the task bar ⇒ click start Task Manager ⇒ Services.

You can find out what Windows services are running with:

net start
You can stop a service with:
net stop service name
ObjectWeb make an opensource tool called JavaService to convert a Java App into a Windows service. It uses JNI (Java Native Interface) to launch a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) and load the app. Your app must implement a startup, main and shutdown method. Another such tool is Java Service Wrapper.
When you uninstall a package, it should delete the associated services. If it fails to, at the command line type sc delete MySQL where MySQL is the service name. If that fails, use regedit to delete the service which will be filed under HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Services
sc.exe: command line utility to control services

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