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In computing the more you can keep things in separate air tight boxes the easier they are to manage. The fewer the interactions, the less that can go wrong.

In computing, one aspect of the separation principle is to keep programs and data separate, both in ram and on disk. When Windows apps behave properly they put data files in three places:

  1. X:\Program Files\appname\ : executable, dlls and constant data. These should be read-only.
  2. "C:\Documents and Settings\user\application data\appname\": files customised for the user, but that the user does not manipulate directly. This directorya would not contain his documents or style sheets. It might contain configuration files.
  3. "C:\Documents and Settings\user\My Documents\appname\" Where documents specific to that program are kept. Often they may be kept in a variety of directories assigned by the user.

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